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Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer

Autoclave / Steam Sterilizer

JSAT-Series Autoclave, Steam Sterilizer is an innovative replacement of conventional laboratory autoclave by providing reliable performance, up-to-dated design and safety door inter-lock system integrated with temperature and pressure for perfect user safety.

<b class=red>CIA</b> 2005

CIA 2005

Suntec, Singapore

350°C  Hi-Temp Oven

350°C Hi-Temp Oven

High-Temp. Forced Convection Ovens provides higher temperature up to 350°C than conventional ovens for special application for material research or testing laboratory. Motorized fan to force air circulation across heating elements and circulates into the chamber. The fan allows more consistent distribution of air and optional inert gas (Nitrogen Gas) purge system allows control oxidation of samples at high temperature treatment

<b class=red>CIA</b>2007


27 ~ 30 November 2007 Suntec, Singapore