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  • Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2

    Biological Safety Cabinet Class II Type A2

    Cabinet enclosure designed Class II Type A2 provides personnel, product and environment protection from hazardous particles such as bacteria, viruses and genetically manipulated materials such as nucleic acids that require Biosafety Level 1, 2 or 3 containments. Various applications in medical, biomedical, biotechnology, pharmaceutical, cell culture, tissue culture, virology and pathology applications using pathogens, genetic materials, carcinogens, allergens may generates hazardous airborne particles.

  • Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet

    Vertical Laminar Flow Cabinet enclosure designed to maintain ISO Class 5 (formerly Class 100) clean air. HEPA filtered laminar air down flow over the work area to protect products or samples being handled in the cabinet from dust or biological contaminants such as bacteria, fungus and genetic materials. Various applications in plant tissue culture, microbial inoculation, media preparation, PCR, electronic or medical parts inspection and assembly where dust particles and contaminants should not be present in the air of working area essentially needed.

  • Bio-Suction Pump

    Bio-Suction Pump

    Model JSBS-5000 Bio-Suction is an economical, compact and portable solution for aspirating tissue culture samples, aqueous solutions, buffers, culture media residual suction. Two stage oil-free piston pump provides a high flow rate and powerful vacuum aspiration. 4000 cc autoclaveable glass suction bottle with over flow protection stopper protects liquid ingested into the pump system which may lead to the valve failing or a diaphragm rupturing. Pump automatically shut down when full and a hydrophobic PTFE inline filter further protects the pump from aerosol ingestion. Hands free foot pedal switch provides convenient On/ Off operation. Built-in silencer provides comfortable noise-free operation